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Buzzy Brazilian Sci-Fi Thriller ‘The Pink Cloud’ Brought to Market by MPM Premium at Ventana Sur (EXCLUSIVE) December 8, 2020

Paris-based MPM Premium has picked up Iuli Gerbase’s “The Pink Cloud,” a banner title that’s part of a slate of first features from a new generation of young female Brazilian directors. The films are set to become one of the talking points of next week’s Ventana Sur. A sci-fi thriller from writer-director Iuii Gerbase shot in […]

Ventana Sur: 10 Takes on a Revolutionary 2020 Edition December 8, 2020

Spearheaded by Cannes Film Market and Argentina’s INCAA agency, Ventana Sur, Latin America’s biggest movie market, will put through an out-of-the-box reset of market dynamics. Running Nov. 30 to Dec. 4, it will also register the energetic and exciting build up of women on the Latin American film scene, as directors, producers and market playmakers. Following […]

Cine Santander Cultural – Final Year Program November 19, 2018

And to close 2018, Cine Santander Cultural presents a must-see for fans of one of Hollywood’s most creative filmmakers today: Wes Anderson, Visual Poet brings eight director-length feature films. The retrospective includes his first work – Pura Adrenalina, 1996, never released on DVD or blu-ray in Brazil, and subtitled for the show. Anderson is also […]

The houses of Saint Ignatius. The houses of Luciana de Abreu October 18, 2013

Between the ages of zero and twenty-two, I lived in Rua Santo Inácio, number 455. Throughout my childhood, there was no building. Only houses, some bigger, some smaller. Some were almost palaces; others, like my family’s, were middle-class. Some had some architectural charm, others were just another house in the Moinhos de Vento neighborhood. There […]

To the masters, with affection August 12, 2013

I’m a fan of Ufrgs. It’s no use. With all Fabico’s sculpturing in the 70’s, I met great colleagues who helped broaden my horizons along with some very talented teachers. I admire teachers who were born to be masters, receive evil for what they do, endure spoiled students, but remain focused on content, studying and […]

Sorry, guys! July 19, 2013

Too much work, too much worry, and I forgot to release the comments to my last post. I apologize. They are there now. I even answered two readers who did not agree with the text. And I thank all the messages for strength. I would like to remind you that I wrote the following in […]

Crazy 2013 July 8, 2013

Breathless: this 2013 is so crazy that I do not even know what to say. Diseases, fires, demonstrations, ridiculous politicians, often schizophrenic work sucking my energy. I wound up bruising my arm just now, but at least I did not break it. This coming week I will try to recover a little and go back […]

Dumb oceans April 26, 2011

Although I still get a good night’s sleep without barbiturates, I often wake up thinking about the radioactive material that is spilling into the sea in Japan. Only in time will you become aware of the catastrophe that is being generated right now. How did they build an atomic power plant at the edge of […]

Luciana Tomasi December 9, 2005

She was born in Porto Alegre and graduated in Journalism from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (1980). She’s the director of Prana Films and worked as reporter on TV Guaíba (1981) and RBS-TV (1984). Began his film career in the early 1980s, filming in Super-8. As a producer, she worked on the feature […]

Carlos Gerbase December 9, 2005

Born in Porto Alegre, where he has always lived, is a writer, screenwriter, film director and teacher. Founder of Invideo Cinematographic Productions in 1984, with producer Luciana Tomasi. In 1987, he founded the production company Casa de Cinema in Porto Alegre, and was his associate until 2011. In October 2011 created Prana Films, of which […]